6 Super Effective Picking Exercises For Guitar

Developing clean, smooth, and fast picking is quite a challenge, especially when you don’t know what to play to practice it! This lesson will help you build your right hand strength and speed through a series of killer exercises that have personally benefited me a ton.

There is a huge variety of picking challenges to work through, and each of these exercises will target one – from gliding through arpeggios to alternate picking string changes to economy picking, you’ll find yourself ready to tackle any lick in no time!

Stop getting frustrated every time you don’t have the picking speed to play something that you want to. Watch this video and start working on your right hand today and you can leave all that frustration behind!

0:00 – Start
0:24 – Lesson Intro (get the tabs downloaded here!)
1:31 – Exercise #1: The Will Picking Exercise
3:18 – Breaking It Down
4:29 – Exercise #2: The Bernth Exercise
5:15 – Breaking It Down
7:45 – Exercise #3: The Tom Morello Exercise
8:14 – Breaking It Down
9:16 – The Issue Of Changing Positions
10:24 – Playing The Lick Slow
11:14 – Exercise #4: The Pentatonic Groupings
13:23 – Side Note: Putting Blues Licks To A Metronome
14:14 – Exercise #5: G Major Scale Economy Picking
16:09 – Exercise #6: Spiderwalk On Steroids
17:31 – Breaking It Down
19:32 – Playing Every Note On The Fretboard
22:07 – Closing Notes

Thanks so much for downloading the PDF and checking out the lesson. I truly hope it’s helped push your guitar playing forward.

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