4 Unconventional Rhythm Tips

Do you want to improve your rhythm, but don’t feel like drudging through boring scales with the endless tick tock of a metronome in the background? Get ready for a far more fun and musical way to practice your timing!

These unconventional ways to work on your rhythm start with listening to and playing along with music that already has great rhythm, allowing that time feel to soak into your own playing. Once you get the hang of that, you’ll be able to make even the metronome sound groovy, and you’ll be able to record yourself and listen back to find out where you’re off and tweak things even further.

So grab your metronome, your guitar, and the free PDF and get ready to make those booties hit the dance floor next time you play in front of people!

0:00 – Start
0:36 – Lesson Intro (get the PDF downloaded here!)
1:58 – Tip #1: Play Rhythmic Music
3:20 – Bassline From “The Payback” by James Brown
5:43 – Getting your Body Involved
6:52 – Riff From “Bombtrack” by Rage Against The Machine
9:37 – Tip #2: Play Along With Rockstars
11:46 – Playing With Jam Tracks
13:31 – Tip #3: Put The Groove In The Metronome
15:46 – Side Note About Falling Off The Metronome
16:20 – Tip #4: Listen Back To Yourself
18:38 – Closing Notes

Thanks so much for downloading the PDF and checking out the lesson. I truly hope it’s helped push your guitar playing forward.

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