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We’d all be lying if we said “I don’t wanna sing”.


But if you’re like me, you gave up on singing a long time ago…

You don’t like your singing voice…

You think your voice is garbage…

Well, just like any skill, any muscle, or any guitar riff…

Your singing voice can be improved and get stronger.

You may just need access to a proven system that will take you by the hand and help you get there!

So I personally started the “Roger Love Vocal Academy”.

Roger Love is a celebrity level voice coach and has worked with John Mayer, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Rob Thomas and many many more top level pop stars.


He’s got a 3 level system available. It’s an online membership site that YOU can get access to TODAY.

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This means that your guitar playing AND your singing will be completely and fully covered by the best in the biz!

(Ok, I may be a bit bias about my guitar lessons, but Roger is indisputably the real deal!)

Plus, we’re throwing in a 1-on-1 webcam guitar session with Mike B where you can connect for a 1-hour guitar lesson.

That’s included too!

Yup $675.00 worth of bonuses when you sign up for the Roger Love vocal academy before Sunday at midnight.

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Let’s rip it up,

Will Ripley
Campfire Guitar Star