3 Power Chord Riffs Perfect For Beginners (With Tabs)

There is nothing like a power chord played on a guitar. They are both easy and convenient to grab play for a beginner guitarist. Add a little distortion to your tone and BAM! You’ve got that rock n roll sound.

In this beginner guitar lesson, we are going to be diving into some real classics!

I love rock n roll by Joan Jett is the ultimate lesson combo: Fun to play, sounds familiar, and Packed full of mini guitar lessons. We’ll get you turning your guitar into a drum while you are playing power chords!

Ironman is another must know power chord classic. I don’t care who you are, a guitar player needs to be able to play this song! I have taught countless one on one guitar students. I try to go over this song with all beginner and intermediate students. The first time you play Iron Man, it’s hard not have to feel a new found connection to rock history.

So go grab your preferred 6 string, an amp (make sure you’ve got a bit of distortion or overdrive!) and let’s rock!

00:00​ – Start
00:38​ – Lesson Intro (get the tabs downloaded here!)
1:35​ – Recap of Single String Version of ”I Love Rock And Roll”
2:38​ – This is an Overview of Module 2 in Stairway To Strumming (Which is on sale right now!)
3:52​ – Open String Power Chords – What Do They Look Like? (Upgrading “I Love Rock And Roll”)
5:00​ – Power Chords and the “We Will Rock You” beat
5:25​ – Rhythmic Hand Clap Sound
6:19​ – Variation on an Open String Power Chord
7:40​ – Moving Up to an “A” Power Chord
8:09​ – Pro Tip: Muting Strings on an “A” Power Chord
9:11​ – Example of First Part of Upgraded “I Love Rock And Roll”
9:25​ – Exploring More Open Power Chords: The “D” Power Chord
11:00​ – Quick Bonus Riff: “Back In Black”
11:31​ – The Final Chord of “I Love Rock And Roll”
12:06​ – The Power Chord Formula
13:40​ – Putting The Pieces of “I Love Rock And Roll” Together
14:27​ – More Muting Techniques
16:33​ – Riff #1: “I Love Rock And Roll” Play through
16:48​ – Pro Tip: Keeping Right Hand Connected To Guitar
18:22​ – Riff #2: “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy
18:55​ – Chord Breakdown
19:31​ – Pro Tip: Trouble Stretching For Power Chords? Try This!
21:00​ – Getting The Power Chords to Sound “Punchy”
22:45​ – The Final Piece of “Jailbreak”
23:48​ – Quick Bonus Riff: “Guerilla Radio”
24:08​ – Adding “chika chika’s” Between Chords
24:45​ – Riff #3: “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath
25:25​ – Playing 10 9’s on Single String
25:59​ – Putting The Riff Together
26:30​ – Sliding A Power Chord on 10
27:00​ – “Iron Man” Play through
27:33​ – Power Chords with Pinky
28:29​ – Closing Notes and More On Stairway To Strumming

Thanks so much for downloading the PDF and checking out the lesson. I truly hope it’s helped push your guitar playing forward.

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