3 Keys To Unlocking The Blues:

1st Key: Rhythm
Rhythm is a huge part of music. Without rhythm, harmony and Melody are lost in a sea of confusion. With no timing to control them, Harmony and Melody will clash and never blend. When it comes to the blues, rhythm is also super important. Rhythm is the driving force that connects the audience to the blues. While the lyrics of the blues speak to your mind, the rhythm of the blues speaks to your soul.

2nd Key: Fret board road map.
To express your blues, you have to have a decent understand of a few scale shapes. I know what you’re thinking. The blues is MORE than scales. And I agree. But without the right notes, you won’t be playing the blues. When you inject those boring old scales with some “Guitar Tricks” (Hammer ons, Pull offs, Bends, Vibrato, Slides, ect) Those scales come to life and produce a super bluesy sound. Blues riffs, solos, melodies, and chords all come from scales.

3rd key: Blues Concepts
You have to be at least a little bit familiar with the language of the blues to be able to play the blues. Being familiar with a few different Blues soloing concepts will make your life as a blues guitarist a lot easier. If you just keep a few common Blues concepts in your back pocket, you’ll always sound like a blues legend when you play. Even if you’re having an off day, or you’re not feeling it, you can always rely on your blues concepts to make sure you’re being true to the blues!

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17:28 Lesson Start/1st Key (Rhythm)
24:36 2nd Key (Fret board Road map)
32:00 3rd Key (Blues Concepts)
35:32 Recap

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