Easy Barre Chord Rock Songs

Barre chords are one of those speed bumps in your guitar journey. A lot of people out there are struggling with barre chords as you’re reading this!

If you’re one of those guitarists who struggle with barre chords, this ones for you!

Here’s how I learned barre chords. My guitar teacher gave me a piece of paper that had 4 songs with barre chords on it. We went through how to physically play them, and I went home and practiced them. After a week of decent practice, they weren’t perfect but they were starting to get there!

It wasn’t until weeks later that I started learning the theory behind them, and how to turn any chord progression into a barre chord progression.

This is the exact road you need to take to nail barre chords as a beginner or intermediate guitarist. Start with just learning a few songs that use them. Get the shapes down. Then worry about the theory side of things later!

I’ve watched countless beginner guitar players light up after finally nailing some barre chord songs with these two songs.

Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz, and Steady As She Goes by the Raconteurs will definitely get you there.

Take your time! Barre chords can’t be rushed because they not only require more strength, but also more calluses too!

Play 2 Easy Barre Chord Rock Songs – Play “Fly away” and “Steady as she goes” 2 easy songs that are great for practicing barre chords.

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1:38 The Barre Chord Shape and tips
3:51 Fly Away Lenny Kravitz
7:25 Steady As She Goes

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