In our course Acoustic Guitar Star, you’ll be taken from novice all the way to advanced. This course has everything. If you are serious about improving your acoustic guitar playing, look no further. You’ve found a great resource that WILL turn you into the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of.

Acoustic guitar mastery is broken down into a few different areas.

Firstly, you have strumming. Strumming and Rhythm are the driving force behind music. Rhythm in the guitar comes from the right hand. It’s easy, and fun too! As long as someone teaches you how to do it properly!

Second comes Chords and Barre Chords. Harmony and chords are the emotion and mood of music. Chording on the guitar is all muscle memory. Just a matter of memorizing some shapes, and committing them to muscle memory!

Third brings advanced strum patterns. As your guitar playing improves, so does your sense of rhythm and timing. This side of music can be particularly confusing without proper instruction!

Fourth we have finger picking. Finger picking is absolutely necessary to have down if you want to be a well rounded guitarist. There are things that you simply can’t do with a pick. Although difficult at first, having 4 fingers and a thumb to “pick” strings individually is a huge advantage!

Fifth is arpeggios. Arpeggio simply means broken chord. Playing the notes that make up a chord individually. It’s actually a super easy technique on the guitar because your left hand doesn’t have to learn anything new. The left hand just keeps holding those familiar chord shapes while the right hand steals the show.

The sixth and final module is Chordal Magic. Chords are a pretty heavy topic. On the guitar, it sometimes may seem like chords are easy, and soloing is hard. But you’d better believe this: chords can be difficult too. When you get to an advanced level, chording actually can be much more difficult than soloing!

With these 6 tools, you’ll be able to play the guitar like you’ve always wanted. These 6 techniques are key to being a masterful acoustic guitarist, so enjoy the program! It may seem like a lot of work now, but it really comes down to learning songs. Every technique discussed is demonstrated with a real song. All you are really doing is learning a bunch of carefully selected songs. Have fun mastering the acoustic guitar!

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The 6 Acoustic Guitar Trademark Techniques

11:16 Lesson Start
13:29 Strumming
19:49 Chords
22:47 Master Barre Chords
27:36 Advanced Strumming Techniques
36:12 Finger Picking
42:06 Arpeggios
47:20 Chording Magic
54:30 5 Minute Guitar Book

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