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Why C.G.s?

Not just “Campfire Guitar”…We are an online, beginner guitar lesson resource with the focus on getting you the ability to play your favorite songs and styles. “Campfire Guitar Star” paints the picture of you gaining the skills on guitar where you can play for your friends and family at social events like the campfire, a backyard BBQ, around the Christmas tree, an open mic night, jam night, or local shows. Using our “song based learning” philosophy, you can be rest assured you’ll gain deep knowledge about the fretboard and how music works, all while you play cool, legendary songs.

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Guitar Star

“The Blues Is EASY To Play, But Hard To Feel” Jimi Hendrix once said. If you’ve got a burning desire to play the electric blues…

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Meet Your


Both Will Ripley and Mike B are graduates from the Canadian affiliate school to the Berklee College Of Music, The Selkirk College (it’s how they met!). Berklee is a prestigous music school that’s nurtured many famous musicians and Grammy award winners such as John Mayer,

Quincy Jones, Ian Thornley (Big Wreck), Steve Vai and members from Rush, Aerosmith, Steely Dan, and more. This means that you’ll be shown the right techniques and theory which are behind your favorite songs and styles!

Will Ripley

Campfire Guitar Star Founder

Will’s had a very busy music career since he graduated from music college in 2006. He’s toured, performed and recorded with real life rockstars and Grammy award winners (members from Jethro Tull and David Bowies band). Will’s performed for up to 10,000 people and has toured alongside billboard charting groups like Rev Theory (top 10 song “Hell Yeah”) and co-headlining shows with other big acts such as Shinedown and Papa Roach. On the other end of the spectrum, Will’s collaborated with hip-hop and EDM producers (50 Cent, Akon, and LMFAO). All the while, Will’s created popular guitar programs for 1-on-1 lessons and has been teaching guitar online for over 10 years and has reached millions of students through his lessons. Will continues to write, record and perform. As well, He’s the Dad of a boy and a girl, Smith and Venice which he raises with his wife, Lindsay in their hometown of Fernie, B.C.

Mike Baelde AKA “Mike B”

Member Support Manager / Head of 1-on-1 Lessons

In 2011, Mike was 20 years old and fresh out of music college where he graduated with honours and won a prestigous award for music excellence which awarded him performing at MuchMusic HQ in Toronto. He continued his launch into a career in music and got in touch with the “Vancouver Guitar School” (founded by fellow music school grad, Will Ripley). The 2 guitarists became fast friends and Mike became the lead guitar instructor reaching 1,000 students within his first few years of teaching. Making a big move out East to music central, Montreal, Mike toured heavily throughout Canada reaching thousands of audience members with his original music. Mike performs around the Montreal area and is the head 1:1 instructor at Campfire Guitar Star. He also publishes popular guitar lessons and has reached hundreds of thousands of guitar students with his video lessons.

About Our


Will Ripley taught his first guitar lesson in 2006 shortly after graduating from music college. He quickly became a very popular guitar instructor due to the effectiveness of his programs.

Although Will + Mike are pro guitarists who perfrom, write and record, they are passionate music teachers who are down to earth and easy to work with. “We specialize in beginner and intermediate guitar development and support aspiring pros”.

As the name suggests, Campfire Guitar Star is not about being a rockstar, touring musician or gigging guitarist. Those could very well be achieved after working with Will and Mike, but CGS really has the goal of making the world a more musical place and helping guitarists get guitar into their lives in the ways they’ve always dreamed and imagined.